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RGCA Branded Marketing

This image is used in all RGCA marketing, ensuring consistency of the RGCA brand. / YourSite
RGCA is the direct link between the Golfing Community comprised of millions of golfers and the Residential Housing Market; comprised of Builders, Realtors and Property Managers participating with RGCA through the linking of websites.

The force driving the golfing community through this direct link is a passion for golf and an opportunity to continue playing this sport totally free during this troubled economy.

Although the golfing community continues to grow the ability for golfers to afford playing golf continues to decline with the economy. The opportunity to play free golf at the best golf courses allows RGCA to provide a valuable sales-incentive to the residential housing market.

The foundation of the RGCA program is its copyrighted Branded Marketing that attractively combines the theme of “FREE GOLF MEMBERSHIP” with the silhouette of a golfer and the distinctive RGCA logo trademark.

This simple but powerful combination of images is used consistently by RGCA in all print and web media, establishing a Branded Marketing image that readily identifies RGCA throughout the Golfing Community.

Through its Branded Marketing, RGCA controls and directs the Golfing Community to the websites of Realtors, Builders and Property Managers who in turn gain a major advantage over competitors that are not authorized to offer the RGCA program.

In all cases, a link to your site is shown following the web address, which brings the golfing community just one click away from every Realtor, Builder and Property Manager participating with RGCA in your market area.