Seniors, college students, parents...everyone enjoys Golf with RGCA

RGCA Program Introduction for Builders

Residents Golf Club America™ (RGCA) was established on the foundation of two major industries, who each hold the key to helping the other solve their most major problem during this troubled economy; Learn more about the RGCA Program

Residential Housing, which continues in its struggle to attract Home Buyers in the face of declining sales.
Golf Courses, which continue in their struggle to attract golfers in the face of declining play.

Seldom has the creation of a company played such a significant role in helping two such highly diverse industries.

RGCA recognized at the outset that a major untapped market of prospective Buyers was the enormous and growing golfing community, comprised of millions of men and women of all ages and economic stature.

Golf, no longer a sport enjoyed only by the affluent, is now enjoyed by the greatest cross-section of Americans ever and continues to grow. Hundreds of golf courses were built to accommodate this growing demand from the golfing community, yet very few golfers in today's economy can afford to join a private golf club or pay the fees charged by better public golf courses.

Until the formation of RGCA, Builders were unable to find a means to exploit this untapped market. With the introduction of Residents Golf Club America™, this has now changed.

Residents Golf Club America™ is the only national golf club where membership is comprised exclusively of Home Buyers who purchase their home from a participating Builder authorized to offer an RGCA golf membership as a sales-incentive.

Each Home Buyer who becomes a member of Residents Golf Club America™ enjoys totally free golf, including golf cart, at the very best participating golf courses in their area and throughout the State.

To assure exclusivity of this sales-incentive, RGCA limits the licensing of the RGCA program within four RGCA Sponsor Groups; (1) Builders, (2) Property Managers (3) Realtors and (4) Corporations. Only RGCA Sponsors are authorized to offer the RGCA program under a specific written Licensing Agreement with RGCA.

Residents Golf Club America™ provides the Builder and their participating properties a highly targeted Branded Marketing program that combines both print and web to attract home buyers to the Builder.