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RGCA Endorsements

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Apartment Resident Endorsements

The following statements by apartment residents are typical of the rapidly growing number of residents who now enjoy free golf simply by renting an apartment where this program is offered.

"I really enjoy my resident golf membership and have referred two of my golf buddies who are also now renting here."
Scott, Pataskala, Ohio

"My wife and I chose this apartment community to join our friends who moved here strictly to enjoy their free golf program."
Bill and Susan, Dublin, Ohio

"The value of free golf, which we can enjoy for 12 months, far outweighed the rental incentives offered by the other apartment communities in our area."
Larry and Jeff, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

"My roommate and I don't always agree on everything but we do agree that our decision to rent here and take advantage of the free golf has fulfilled our hopes of meeting a lot of great new friends."
Barb and Patti, New Albany, Ohio

"When my girlfriend and I learned our friends were playing free golf at the best golf courses in the area, just by renting their apartment, we joined them the minute our lease was up."
Bryan and Kim, Columbus, Ohio

"I like the way I am treated by the participating golf courses, great to belong."
Linda, Dublin, Ohio

Property Management Endorsements

The following statements by Resident Managers clearly speak for themselves as to why this program remains a totally unique and outstanding rental-incentive.

"We love the referrals we get from our resident golf members who want their golf buddies to enjoy the same free golf that they now enjoy at our apartment community."
Jennifer, Resident Manager - New Albany, Ohio

"I know when we shop our competition they are quite candid in wishing their management was in this program so that they could offer the same free golf program as we are able to offer our prospective residents."
Angie, Resident Manager - Reynoldsburg, Ohio

"Our ability to offer our residents a membership in this great golf program, which fortunately is not available through our competitors, has often been the deciding factor in getting new rentals, particularly among more and more women who are taking advantage of this great social program."
Christy, Resident Manager - Pataskala, Ohio

"In all of my experience as a Leasing Agent and now as a Resident Manager, I have never seen or had the use of a more powerful rental-incentive and closing tool than that of offering totally free golf to a prospective renter."
Patricia, Resident Manager - Dublin, Ohio

"I am convinced that our increase in occupancy for the past three years is directly attributable to our participation in this great rental-incentive program and the much greater value that our prospective residents place on free golf when compared to other rental-incentives offered to them by our competitors."
Brooke, Resident Manager - Columbus, Ohio

Golf Course Endorsements

Residents Golf Club America™ (RGCA) is broadly endorsed by the Owners, General Managers and Head Golf Professionals who have participated in the residents golf program during the past four years.

The following statements by these individuals are typical and clearly speak for themselves.

"The folks at RGCA have introduced a much needed boost to public golf and we are extremely pleased to be participating in a program that has significantly increased our business over the past four years."
Scott Hanhart, Owner and General Manager
Darby Creek Golf Course - ( 800-343-2729 )

"We made our decision to join the RGCA program after checking out the success that other golf course owners and managers have had with this program."
Steve Klick, General Manager
Beavercreek Golf Club - ( 937-320-0742 )

"Any question we might have had when joining this program four years ago quickly disappeared when we saw the benefits of increased play at our course."
Jeff Bills, General Mgr. & Head Golf Professional
Westchester Golf Course - ( 614-834-4653 )

"Since becoming a participant in the Residents Golf program, we are not only pleased with the additional income generated for our golf course but the simplistic administrative system that makes it so easy to operate."
Mike Pickett, General Mgr. & Head Golf Professional
Cumberland Trail Golf Course - ( 740-964-9336 )

"Being one of the top public golf courses in the area we are extremely selective and carefully check out the programs that we participate in. We are very pleased to be involved in the RGCA program and have seen nothing like it in golf."
Steve Marino, PGA Head Golf Professional
The Golf Club at Yankee Trace (937-438-4653)