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The RGCA Program

Residents Golf Club America™ (RGCA) is a national company established to promote golf by increasing play at select golf courses throughout America.

It is well established that most golf courses are experiencing a growing decline in play. Whether this decline is due to overbuilding of golf courses or other economic factors, the solution to this problem is finding an incentive that will cause golfers to play your course instead of your competitors.

RGCA has perfected such an incentive that is now protected under United States copyright laws and broadly endorsed by participating golf courses as the means by which they have increased play at their course while establishing a clear advantage over their competitiors.

The term "Participating Golf Course" is used by RGCA to reference the golf courses who are enrolled in this unique program. Participation in RGCA is generally restricted to the top golf courses in each major market area that are selected, when possible, by their geographic disbursement from each other. This geographic disbursement minimizes competition between Participating Golf Courses and makes golf conveniently available to RGCA Golf Members.

All golf played by RGCA Golf Members at a Participating Golf Course is paid by RGCA, which means the RGCA Golf Member is receiving complimentary golf and will be attracted to playing Participating Golf Courses much more frequently than golf courses that are not participating in the RGCA program.

Of significant additional benefit to a Participating Golf Course, is that each round played by a RGCA Golf Member also generates additional green fees and cart rentals from players invited by the RGCA Golf Member to fill out their foursome.

As stated earlier and as totally supported with the enclosures, the success of this program and opportunity to increase play at your golf course is well established.