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RGCA Marketing Support Materials

Residents Golf Club America™ (RGCA) has developed marketing materials that assure the success of this sales-incentive program with minimal dependency and training of sales staff.

RGCA recognizes that there is unforseen turnover of sales staff and the effectiveness of any sales-incentive program is in direct proportion to the materials created to successfully perpetuate and promote the program.

The attractive marketing materials developed by RGCA are formatted to fully explain the RGCA program with little need of further explanation by sales staff.

RGCA marketing materials fall into the following three categories:
  1. Exterior Signage
  2. Interior Signage
  3. Marketing Literature
Exterior Signage: Most prospective Home Buyers or renters that drive by a participating community will be attracted to the RGCA signage that promotes a "FREE GOLF MEMBERSHIP." With the popularity of golf and the high cost to play this sport, this exterior signage will promote traffic to the community sales office and web-site.

Interior Signage: From the moment a Home Buyer or renter enters the community sales office their interest is aroused by the highly visual materials that cater to their social, recreational, and economic interests. Recognizing that these potential consumers vary in age, gender, and interests, the RGCA marketing materials have been developed to strongly emphasize the potential benefits of a Residents Golf Club America™ membership to those entering a sales office.

Marketing Literature: RGCA program literature, whch fully explains the benefits of membership in RGCA, will be readity available in every community sales office.

All of these attractive marketing materials are available through RGCA to assure the ongoing success of this proven progam and are automatically included in the RGCA Start-Up Package for each participating community.

This image is used in all RGCA marketing, ensuring consistency of the RGCA brand.
( Part Number: EXT-21/28 )
Description:Part Number:
Exterior Sign (21” x 28”) with mountEXT-21/28
Framed Poster (20” x 30”) for wall or easelPOS-20/30
Tripod Floor Easel for Framed PosterTRIPOD
Table Top Poster (11” x 17”) with easel backPOS-11/17
Fold-Out Brochure (8.5” x 11 ”) set of 100BRO-100
Membership Invitation (8.5” x 11”) set of 100INV-100
Fold-Out Brochure 4-tier Holder TrayBRO-TRAY
Membership Invitation Holder TrayINV-TRAY

RGCA Marketing materials can be conveniently ordered by clicking Contact RGCA, or sending a fax to 614-876-1510, or calling the toll free number 866-RGCAmerica.